What Kind Of Stage Lighting Does The Drama Need?

What Kind Of Stage Lighting Does The Drama Need?

What kind of stage lighting does the drama need?
The lighting requirements of the drama are more rigorous, and the main lights as below:

1.A variety of spotlights, mainly used for face light, slap, side light and so on. Commonly available are 1000W, 2000W spotlights, and new LED spotlights. These luminaires meet the most basic lighting needs on the stage.

2.Soft light, mainly used for the top light and supplementary lighting of the stage, common three kinds of three primary lights, four tubes, six tubes and three primary colors, as well as new LED soft lights and so on.

3.Dyeing lamps are mainly used for stage dyeing effects. Commonly used are various LED dyeing lamps, as well as moving head dyeing lamps.

4.Moving head light, mainly used to render the stage atmosphere, common with various beam lights and pattern lights, cutting lights.

5.Follow-up light, mainly used for tracking and positioning of characters on the stage, common 2.5KW, 4KW follow-up lights.

6.Strobe lights are mainly used to create special atmospheres.

The above is the main application of the stage of the drama, the lamps are placed in different positions and have different names.

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